The Forfeit


**FINALIST - Best Director, Best Production Design, Best Sound Design - The British Short Film Awards 2022**
**WINNER - Best Screenplay, Best Score - Kino London Short Film Festival 2023**
**WINNER - Best Director - Thriller - London Director Awards 2023**
**WINNER - Best UK-Made Short - The Gogs International Short Film Festival 2022**
**SEMI-FINALIST - London Film Week 2022**
**NOMINATED - Best Production Design - Underwire Festival 2022**
**NOMINATED - Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Sponsored Short - Kino London Short Film Festival 2023**
**NOMINATED - Best in Festival, Best Horror - Beeston Film Festival 2023**
**NOMINATED - Best Female Written/Directed/Produced Short - Scream Queen Film Festival 2022**
**OFFICIAL SELECTION - British Shorts Berlin 2023**
**OFFICIAL SELECTION - Cinema Columbus Film Festival 2023**
**OFFICIAL SELECTION - Final Girls Berlin Film Festival 2023**
**OFFICIAL SELECTION - The Midnight Film Festival 2023**
**OFFICIAL SELECTION - Brighton Rocks Film Festival 2023**
**OFFICIAL SELECTION - Bute Street Film Festival 2023**

A young working-class Welsh woman meets her wealthy English boyfriend’s eccentric family for the first time on Christmas Eve.

She’s thrown straight into the family’s traditional Christmas game, and struggles to keep up with its in-jokes and strange rules. But as she improves, she begins to uncover a dark secret in the family’s past.

Writer/Director - Phoebe Brooks and Josie Charles
Producer - Amy George and Lily Donnelly
Director of Photography - Jack Worrall
Editor - Hunter Allen
Composer - Gonzalo Varela
Colourist - Jessica Vile